Our company got a prize form Ishikawa Prefecture Explosives Safety Association in 2004. In order to improve safety, to launch fireworks we use “remote operation” system recommended by Ministry of Economy and Industry of Japan, making launches safe and accurate.

Electric igniter

In 1970s all launches were made by hand. Such launches bear danger. It also had a disadvantage in a fact that it was impossible to accurately control the timing of launches, thus making simultaneous launches were very difficult.
Now we control all launches by just one button, making them safe and accurate. Also using an electric ignition makes it possible to stop launches by just one button, thus making the fireworks adjustable to rapid weather changes.

Electric igniter
Field Controller

With a help of a specialized fireworks computer a full synchronization between fireworks and music can be achieved. The color, shape and size of fireworks can be set according to the speed and emotions of music, thus designing the image of fireworks. By presetting the time between the moment of launch to the moment of explosion up in the sky we can control the attractiveness of fireworks to the maximum extend.
In order to launch fireworks safely we run a check on continuation of electric current in the power lines before the launch itself.

An electric fuse

Electric fuse is a new ignition mean that is better in safety and accuracy than a traditional one.
Electric fuses are recommended by Japan Pyrotechnics Association. We use safe and accurate equipment while keeping alive traditional techniques.

An electric fuse Field Controller

Different changes of fireworks are demanded in the show, from the size, color and the shape of fireworks to mixture of types and tempo and timing. We always keep challenging the possibilities of fireworks in order to be able to respond to any demands.

Fire ring module