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Hokuriku Kako JSC is a fireworks company located in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. It was founded in 1953 in Shizuoka prefecture. In 1997 both the main office and the factory were moved to Ishikawa prefecture and everything was renewed. Now we have the newest equipment in all Japan.
Big scale production facilities are so few in Japan that they can be counted by the fingers of just one hand, and we are one of those companies. We have the leading equipment of our industry and we keep a high level of safety and technology.
On the factory everything is put in order and located according to the safety measures based on the Explosives Regulation Law.
We keep traditional techniques of Japanese firework, and all our professionals team up with regular stuff to produce high-quality fireworks.
At the launching itself all firing is programmed on the computer. We put our efforts into combining traditional techniques and foremost technology thus aiming at the best fireworks shows and events.
In 2004 we received a prize from Ishikawa Prefecture Explosives Safety Association that recognized our long-time efforts and achievements in fire guarding. In Japan the regulations are very strict, but our company got an official recognition for the safety measures we take.

Hokuriku Kako Joint-Stock Company
Yoshinori KUBOTA, representative director
Tsu 121-1 Wakamidori Kahoku Ishikawa 929-1205 JAPAN
+81 76 281 2033
+81 76 281 2066
January 16, 1997 (enticement by Ishikawa prefecture)
regular employee : 14 persons
Ground area 19,707 square meters (6,000 Japanese tsubo).
Production facilities etc. 10 buildings, 2 grounds
Storages etc. 5 buildings
Facilities out of danger zone etc. 6 buildings
Production and sale of launched fireworks
Production and sale of set fireworks
Planning and conducting Fireworks Festivals
Planning and sale of special effects
Sale of toy fireworks
Production and sale of pyrotechnics
Planning and conducting events
Dangerous Items Indoor Storage Facility License Kahoku shoushu (jo) No.439
Explosives Storage Facility License Ishikawa prefecture directive No. 2823
Explosives Production Business License Ishikawa prefecture directive No. 2079
Explosives Trade License Ishikawa prefecture directive No. 812
Japan Pyrotechnic Association
Ishikawa Prefecture Explosives Safety Association

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