Hokurikukako Greetings
Greetings from the president of Hokuriku Kako.
Hokurikukako President It’s already 40 years since I began making fireworks. I believe my life was all going down the same road of making fireworks. For all these years there were events like Osaka EXPO, Tokyo Disneyland opening, Nagano Olympics and the Millennium.
In our society the events to see fireworks are usually some festivals or commemorations, that is, celebrations of a sort. I feel proud and honor for that.
At the same time I feel the greatness of “Hanabi” (fireworks) as an entertainment, that goes unchanged since Edo period in Japan, gathering crowds of people who enjoy it together. A lot of people cry out cheers and clap together for us. I believe that fireworks are suitable for old and young, men and women. It is a rare "entertainment for all ages".

The style of enjoying the fireworks does not change, but the techniques and explosives used in every shot, launching technology - all these had much improvement and made much progress up till now. I have seen these changes with my own eyes and I always struggling to make fireworks even more beautiful and even more interesting.

Before the start of every firework I feel so much anxiety and responsibility that my body shakes. And then I see the smiling faces of our customers who came to watch, and I feel the uttermost happiness. My heart calms down seeing that they really do enjoy.
The first time I conducted fireworks abroad I saw the glad faces of people and with all my heart I felt that fireworks are enjoyed by any people all over the world the same way as we enjoy them.

We who make and launch fireworks would like to share our joy with the audience. To share the fun of it. And to share the excitement of it.
We at Hokuriku Kako will continue to do our best to preserve safety and high quality of our fireworks in order to present you the supreme bliss time. Please look forward for our achievements.