About this Site
About this Site
About copyright
All the materials, visual characters, marks and other information presented on this site are an intellectual property either of our company or of our associates, the company possesses all usage and copy rights. Any copying of this website, including downloading and printing out, is to be restricted to private use for domestic purposes. Please refrain form usage of materials and programs of this site on other sites or printed matter (including copying, uploading, publication and quotation). Other actions connected to unlimited usage of the materials of this site and going out of the limits of copyright laws are prohibited.
About the trademark
The trademark (service mark) displayed on this site has copyright attached to it that is possessed by the company or other legitimate owner who permitted its use on this site. The trademark cannot be used without the permit of the owner.
About links
Generally links to this site are free of regulation. But in some cases depending on the contents of the linking site and the way the link is displayed we might ask to erase the link. Your understanding is requested. Please use links to the top page of this site (http://www.fireworks-japan.com).
About E-mail
All copyright on the E-mails send from our company to customers as answers is subject to copyright owned by the company. Please refrain from using these E-mails on other websites or printed matter and from using them for other purposes. Depending on the contents of the inquiry it might take some time before the answer. Your understanding is requested.
About IP address
For the purposes of site maintenance this site surveys the IP address the users had when connecting to internet The acquired information is used only for purposes of improving the relevance and safety of site management. Personal information such as users names is never used.
About cookies
Here we sometimes use cookies to build up the speed of services provided. Cookies are means of providing more comfort in using this website when you open it not for the first time. Cookies do not have any personal information on users and give no negative effects to the user’s computers. In the browser software you use you can set the browser to either accept all the cookies or to decline them, or to show the contents of all incoming cookies. Depending on particular settings there this website might become hard to use.
About the statistics tools
This site uses web beacon and other tools in order to provide continual informational services that are easy to use to its users. These tools collect information on the amount of user’s visits, tendencies of page viewing thus helping us to understand the access motifs our users have. These statistics are not used for analysis or identifying of the users.