To the Launching
To the Launching

Here we would like to explain to the organizers of events what they should do to hire a Japanese company to do an event. We will do an explanation following the steps of the process starting with questions and an order, then an outline of the event and event company schedule, steps to follow, explosives shipping, locality examination, preparatory works on the ground, the actual conduction of the event, steps to be made after the event, the means of payment and so son. If you have any questions regarding the process please contact us.

As you make contact to us, we must obtain some information regarding the fireworks show. Such as the purpose of the show, the date, the place of the show, the budget, etc.
At the same time, we will research on the firing site (an analysis of the surrounding area.)
2.Proposal of the fireworks show
Based on the information you provided, we will propose the most suitable plan for you. It includes the design, effects, and numbers of the fireworks. Your opinion is very important to make our proposal.
3.Plan Proposition
The contract will be concluded, only when you are satisfied with our proposal.
After we confirm the contract we will conduct an examination of the actual location of the fireworks. We will check the strength of the surrounding buildings, the distance to the viewers, etc. Please help us to do that.
Fireworks is dangerous goods to transport, and many restrictions must be cleared before the transportation from Japan to your area. It is very important to reserve the shipping route with a shipping company to transport our fireworks to your area.
5.Locality Examination
As fireworks contains explosives, there are many laws & regulations in every country.
You may need to obtain a permit from the local authority to make the fireworks show in your area. Please contact your local authorities as requested before the actual show.
6.Shipment of explosives and equipment
This is the actual holding of the awaited event. We control all the launches by computers, so the carry-out is smooth. It is also possible to stop launches by just one button, so we can manage sudden time breaks and weather changes.
Our fireworks make deep impressed from the audience we hope to the share the moments of joy.
Please assume that it may take about 6 months from the inquiry till the actual fireworks show.