We do not only make and launch fireworks, but we also fully understand the characteristics and features the fireworks have. Thus we also do planning of fireworks effectiveness depending on different view angles. There is a certain charm in fireworks. We have special skills providing planning of fireworks events, marketing using fireworks, customer attractions etc. We respond to all kinds of requests like planning according to the contents of events, events that aim gathering customers, marketing linking.

We at Hokuriku Kako produce original fireworks according to customer's request. Heart-shaped fireworks, fireworks that emphasize the blues - we work hard to make fireworks that correspond to customer’s wishes to the maximum extend, so feel free to ask.
We can make fireworks of local symbols. It is also good as a PR strategy towards audience. We also have a program to make children’s’ dreams come true, making fireworks based on children’s pictures. This is a very popular program that has many requests every year.
For example, we made fireworks shaped like cartoon characters. This got very good assessment and we even received supportive comments from the artists who created the characters.
Planning according to location
We at Hokuriku Kako can provide many different style of fireworks show depending on the site. For example, fireworks can be widely displayed on the sea, or we can plan the most effective style of firework show in a city area.
Performance fireworks
We provide special fireworks for garden events, bridals, school festivals. We launch splendid fireworks using computer and special effects, synchronizing fireworks to music.

We do fireworks shows using water fall, fountain spinning wheel and other special effects fireworks. We also can produce and launch a special creative firework that can become a personal present.

One of our records is fireworks of finale of "a-nation'08".
*"a-nation'08" is a large-scale outdoor live concert that moves and unites more than 200,000 people across the nation every year. It is an all-stars-event by representatives of J-pop. Just imagine the admiration of fireworks that launch up right in front of you while you are soaking up in reverberations of live music!
Performance fireworks

We plan and promote charity fireworks events. Conducting a charity event is a good way to rise the image of the activity you do and it is a good marketing move. A fireworks show is a very cost-effective event to advertize your business. For example, one fireworks show in Japan attracts over 700,000 people in one night. Thus you can PR your business in a more strategic way.

See our record of overseas charity events here