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What's New
  • Cheer Up Hanabi Project
  • Fightingagainst the coronavirus outbreak, many people are praying and trying to seekthe world in peace.

    Whatcan we do as pyrotechnicians at a closed fireworks company??

    Tracingthe origin of fireworks displays in Japan, it is to be said that fireworks arelaunched as a prayer to defeat diseases and as a requiem to the victims.

    Now,the very first project has been launched. Gathering over 160 fireworkscompanies from all over Japan, we will display our fireworks across Japan atthe same time.

    Ourhope is to pray for the end of this pandemic caused by COVID19, and deliverhopes to stay alive, energy to feel positive, and true smiles for all thepeople fighting against COVID19.

    Wecan only hope you can watch and enjoy our fireworks from your home.

    Thisproject is called “Cheer Up Hanabi Project” and Hokuriku Kako participates inthis project.

    Please,look up the sky when you hear the sound of fireworks.

    Cheerup, everyone! Cheer up!!